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Classic massage

Classic massage is the base of all massages and it has a beneficial effect on human body. It actives the circulatory and the lymfatic systems, that improve the body ventilation and the eleminitation of toxins. It also improves the congestion of skin, under the skin and muscles. This massage helps to relax stiff and aching muscles. It is also beneficial for the nervous system. The massage acts very refreshing for a fatigue, but on the other hand it calms down the psychic tension.

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is one of the oldest forms of the traditional chinese medicine. The cups can be made out of plastic or glass. In both of these cases the final effect is the same. The cup is put on the body in a way to create a vacuum. Following that the cup sucks a bit of skin with a part of under the skin. This way the blood circulation and ventilation is increased, which is very beneficial for the body. This method helps the blood circulation and the eleminition of toxins.


Kinesio taping is a method that uses a special elastic strapping tape to fix a certain part of the body. It doesn’t impide the movement or the blood circulation. Taping is used to heal injuries of the musculoskeletal system, but it also helps in a rehabilitation and as a prevention. It has a huge use in sport but also outside of it. In sport it usually protects the repeating injuries. In general, taping helps to relieve the joint load and remove the pain. To make taping last for a required amount of time there needs to be an “ideal” contact between the tape and the skin. The skin should be clean, dry and shaved.

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